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Project Description
This program is a unit converter for webOS. It supports various categories including area, length, mass, pressure, speed, temperature and volume.

Now that webOS is not widely used and the author no longer owns any webOS device, the author stopped maintaining this project. In order not to lose the repository, however, the author published it.

This program converts the typed value in a unit into all other units in the same category. You don't need to select "From" unit and "To" unit. Just tap the source unit from the list, and type numbers. Then, values in all other units will appear in the same list, as you type.

This program supports the following units:
  • length: meter, foot, inch, mile, yard, AU, etc.
  • area: square meter, acre, hectare, square foot, square inch, square mile, square yard, etc.
  • volume: cubic meter, barrel, cubic foot, cubic inch, cubic mile, cubic yard, cup, ounce, gallon, liter, tablespoon, teaspoon, etc.
  • mass: kg, ounce, pound, etc.
  • time: second, minute, hour, day, week, year, etc.
  • speed: m/s, mph, knot, light speed, etc.
  • pressure: pascal, bar, psi, etc.
  • energy: joule, btu, calorie, ev, etc.
  • temperature: kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit
  • information: bit, byte, etc.

Future works
All conversions are based on tables in, but some conversions are not exact, because this program just uses floating point values for conversion. If I have time and others really want, I’ll consider more accurate conversion.

I grew up with SI units such as meter, kilogram, liter. Now that I moved to U.S. where mile, pound and ounce are used, the trouble began. Still, I have hard time converting units, and I began to rely on unit converters in my pre.

Perhaps, I’m little bit unique. I used to use a few converters, but I thought I need a unit converter with a different interface. For example, I want to skip the tedious procedure for choosing “From” unit and “To” unit because I have to change them very frequently. For example, I need to frequently switch among inch to centimeter mode, foot to meter mode, and mile to kilometer mode.

Instead of having two selectors and textboxes, this program has one list where each list item corresponds to one unit. While the value in any unit is being typed, values in all other units are updated on-the-fly. I think this can save several finger movements, at least in my experience.

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